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Plum Blossom Linocut Print

Plum Blossom Linocut Print

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Here is my Linocut print of The Plum Blossom.

The Plum Blossom blooms at the end of Winter, is the herald of Spring and is prized as it represents perseverance and faith in the face of hardship, a courage to lead the way toward spring and hope.

Sakura, or Cherry blossom, is the most famous of Japanese blossoms but the plum is the flower that started it all and is still the more valued flower in Japan.

This print is a three plate print made in the Mokuhanga style, with softly fading night sky, full moon and petals gently drifting from the full flowers. It is printed on Handmade Himalayan Mitsumata Washi Paper.

This print is on paper sized 297 x 400mm to fit a standard A3 frame.

The print runs is limited to 200 and each print is an original, signed and numbered by myself, the artist.


Himalayan Mitsumata Washi Paper


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