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"Horsforth, After the Storm" Print

"Horsforth, After the Storm" Print

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Here is my linocut of the town of Horsforth, inspired by many years of walking the hills and woodlands that surround this lovely town, and also by the many beautiful old photographs of this picturesque location.
The view is of St Margaret's Church, taken from a position that is now a large supermarket but was for many years an area of rolling hills, fields and hedgerows.
The storm has passed and the sun breaks through rolling clouds over the chuch, with Hunger Hills woods marching to the horizon, and a man and his dog take shelter from the rain beneath one of the many oaks that dominate the landscape.

The print will be posted unframed, carefully rolled in weathertight tube.
Each piece will be signed by myself.

The process begins with an idea, a selection of rough sketches, then a final ink drawing.
I copy this drawing onto a linoleum plate then carefully carve away the material around the drawing until only the raised image remains. This is carefully inked with a roller before a sheet of prepared paper is laid onto the inked plate and pressure is applied - in this case using my large, Art Deco bookbinding press.
The paper is 210gsm Fabriano, a lovely paper consisting of 50% cotton.

This print has been given a light tea wash to open the paper for printing and also gives the paper a slight tint, which I think gives it a nicely aged feel.
I hope you like it!



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